Mobile and Internet Advertising


MAD offers the internet advertising and mobile advertising options to the advertisers. We are the experts in undertaking mobile and internet campaigns. Our approach in volves consulting the clients, not only to suggest the best out of the available advertising options, but also to devise innovative, interactive campaigns, plan them, execute them and service them. MAD team develops & implements an effective media plan comprising of the advertising solutions, as per the clients brief on the Target Group for promoting the Brand and for sales of the product.

MAD’s forte lies in selecting & providing the advertisers with the best available options of advertising through internet and mobile phones.


MAD's Ad-Server facilitates, both, the advertisers who do not have time to go to various websites to display their advertisements; and the websites who would like to have advertisements on their sites but do not have the necessary means to do it.

Our USP on internet advertising is superior media planning and tie-ups with several websites and ad networks (networks of multiple websites) offering a platter of relevant websites to the Brand, thereby bringing the Brand closer to its prospective buyers. MAD collaborates with renowned online publishers for various online advertising campaigns.

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